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This is a roleplay me and my friend made. Feel free to read.

this roleplay has died and we rebooted it but the reboot has also died but we are slowly reviving the reboot

U T O P I A U T O P I A U T O P I A Edit

The world of Wasteland is... a wasteland. The lives of Utopians, Rebels and Dystopians alike rely on the students of Royale High, a school run by royals, for royals. Utopia is in control of the powers of Utopians and Rebels, and Dystopia is in control of evil powers. As long as Utopia stays together and is not disbanded, good magic will stay in existence. If Dystopia is disbanded, the evil ones who have magic will be weakened and stripped of their abilities.

However, Wasteland is more than just magic and stuff.

It isn't your typical "magical princess story". In fact, that's not how you describe it at all. It's nothing like that. It's a tale of fear. Tragedy. Loss.






You're welcome -Nyx

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