Rax was going to a real school for the first time in his life.

When he was younger, he was homeschooled because all the primary schools in their area gave out mandatory vaccinations, and his mom didn't tolerate that. Even after he nearly died from Dystopia's Curse, she relied on Wastebook for all her information. Because of this, Rax hated her.

He staggered over to his mom's room and put his ear against the door. His mom was having a phone call.

"Hello, Mr Charming. I'd like my son, Rakorius, to go to Royale High. He's a light fairy, 15 years old, semi-prince of Arellis - I'm the Arelli queen's sister, Pauline. Semi-princes have almost the same privilege as princes in Arellis, so I'd love for Rakorius to share a room with a prince or princess. ...Any medical conditions, you ask? Oh, well, he gets sick frequently, but maybe I'm not giving him enough essential oils."

Rax rolled his eyes, waiting for his mother to continue speaking.

"Anyway, NO VACCINATIONS, NO PILLS, NO NOTHING! Our race is PURE and will not be corrupted by the big pharma! ... ... ...Yes, register his name now please. I'll let him fly to school in about an hour. Give him permission to be late, I'm not gonna wait till tomorrow to give him a proper education." Pauline hung up.

She stared blankly into Rax's eyes. "Brush your wings. And your hair. And shave. Just make yourself look good," she commanded. Rax nodded. "O-okay, m-" He didn't feel comfortable calling her 'mom'.

He picked up a brush and did exactly what his mom said. He didn't feel like shaving. It hurt his skin. He didn't really need to shave anyway; his leg and arm hair wasn't noticable.

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