Silver is determined, to say the least. He is fueled by anger and revenge.

Personality Edit

Silver used to be timid and shy but calm. He was known to be muscular but underfed. Nobody knew much about him. Now, he is strong. He never underestimates anybody and is quick and smart. He sometimes hears the whisper of his father. Silver has the nickname of Silver Phantom, because of his speed and his agility. His goal in life is to find his sister and to protect her.

Relationships Edit

Scorpio - He's gay.

Doku - She's a really good friend, but I think I might be getting to her.

Lucifer - He's hot. Literally. Lucifer scares me.... But 'Luci' doesn't.

Angie - Geez, Of course YOU would wanna know, no spoilers but.... Let's just say she's taken.

Cute Hair - Dead to me.

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