Joseph is a 17-year-old Rebel, and the main character of Wasteland: For Sale

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  • Joseph is physically 21. He was aged up 3 years after birth. After an incident at the age of 14, (technically 11), his mental age reduced to his real age. Because of this, he is now mentally 17 and therefore has to attend Royale High. However, there are a few students who are 21...
  • His alignment is Chaotic Good and his MBTI type is ENTJ.

Joseph Edit

Dana - "Dana... thank you for saving me like I saved you. However... I can't help but feel like it was my fault. If I never met you, you wouldn't be punished. ...But... that would also mean you wouldn't have saved me... that... that sounded selfish. But I'm glad things are the way they are now. I'm still a slave, but with you by my side, my job is easier. So thank you for that. And thank you for loving me. Because I love you too... to the moon and back."


Kitty - "Thanks to you, I'm bullied more... though I do have a few sympathizers. But they're all patronizing! Except for one... BUT WHATEVER! You're a bitch! I hope you go to hell when you die!"

Eleanor Vaerith - "I barely remember you. All I remember was that I never trusted you from the start. If only you loved me. ...I... I fucking hate you so much. Just... please, do me a favor. You're my mother... grant your son's wish. ...Please die. That's all I want. All I want is for you to burn in hell. Forever."

E'ae Ke'aupuni - "I wish... I wish I was a Ke'aupuni. D-Dad... I want you. Who are you? Whoever you are, I need you... Please... I love you..."

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