Relationships Edit

Orcana - "You're brave. Brave to meet me when you were obviously shy... just like me. Brave to call the knights when James injured me. Brave to still be by my side when I was broken. Brave to... fix me. You fixed me, Orcana. Even though the emotional trauma is weakened, it still follows me around... but with you, I can barely feel the pain. All I feel is euphoria. True love. The one who confesses is usually the one who holds the most love... but you can only imagine the undying trust and adoration that I hold for you. Someday, I'll break free from my title as a prince's son... and maybe... just maybe... we could start our own kingdom. And maybe our future children will find love as pure as yours."

James - "...How... after all the pain you caused me... how can I still be trusting of strangers? I'm still as naive as ever, even after you broke me..."

Dystopia: "W-was James your minion or something!? ...You monster... we... we won't let you destroy our empire. We won't let you destroy our home. Thanks to you, this place is now a wasteland..."

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