Delta is the main character of Wasteland: Claws of a Wolf. (i can't do infoboxes without an acc oof)

Personality Edit

By default, Delta is a friendly and relaxed guy who likes a good conversation. He always tries to warm up to people who seem like they need a friend. He's quite reserved when it comes to his sexual orientation; he's bisexual, but he won't admit that he is. He won't even admit that he likes boys. When people ask him out on a date or flirt with him, he becomes very hostile and sassy. Sometimes, when he feels sad or angry, Dystopia flows through his bloodstream. He doesn't turn evil, but Dystopia overcomes his soul, giving him uncontrollable twitches and the unstoppable urge to scratch and bite. During this time, he doesn't mean to do it. He feels like he's trapped in his own body. One side of his brain, the Dystopia-invaded side, forces him to do that stuff. The other side, the normal side, wants it all to end. It wears off after 5-30 minutes.

Relationships Edit

Senka - "I think he's starting to like me. N-not in that way. I think... well... I-I totally like him as a friend! He's... h-he's not hot at aaaall!" | "Shut up and have sex with me already~"

Shadow - "She's back?! She's not dead?!?! I missed her so much!! I kind of expected it since that's what happened to my little bro too, but yaaaaay~!"

Tod - "So he started all this? Cool. Orpheus seems a little timid around him. I don't blame him, though. He IS the main manager!" | "Go fuck yourself."

Orpheus - "He's a pretty good friend of mine. We could be closer, but we're still buds. I'm very grateful for the animal room."

Finnegan - "My big brother. I'm really glad he helped build the animal room!"

Asteroid - "My little brother. I was so relieved when he came back to life..."

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