Aster, the handsome angel. What couldn't he do?

Personality Edit

Aster Cygnus is kind of broken. He is caring and generous. But he can be sarcastic, rude and arrogant. Aster can be powerful, and ambitious. He is incredibly smart but he isn't very empathetic. He pities people who aren't as fortunate as him.

Phobias Edit

Agraphphobia (Fear of sexual abuse)

Agateophobia (Fear of insanity)

Claustophobia (Fear of confined spaces)

Cleisiophobia /Clithrophobia (Fear of being locked in an enclosed space)

Hemaphobia (Fear of blood)

Taphophobia (Fear of being buried alive)

Relationships Edit

Lucifer: "Well, we got back together, so.... <3 Love you!"

Ianthe: "She's cool."

Apollo: "He's funny to mess around with. He's definitely gay for Lucifer."

Jennifer: "I-I don't know what to say about her."

Scorpio: "Geez. You have anger issues worse than Lucifer. You literally tried to punch me. What did I do? Spread the reality of your lies."

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