Arrow is a 16-year-old rock champ with some dark and unpleasant secrets...

Appearance Edit

They have pale skin with freckles. Their hair is yellow (not blonde, just... yellow) and almost down to their shoulders. They have a very feminine build, but their face is somewhat masculine.

Personality Edit

Tough but sensitive, self-assured but melancholy. In public, this rising star is confident and intimidatingly quiet, but deep inside they're kinda fucked up. They seem to change personalities every 2 half-seconds, and have a drug problem.

Trivia Edit

  • Doesn't care about pronouns. Call them he, she, they, whatever ("she" is reserved for really close friends)
  • The lead singer of a band called Collapsing Bees. The band isn't super famous yet, but there's a fandom growing. Their songs sound like My Chemical Romance but with a little bit more screaming.
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